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Transformational Professional Development

K-16 Educators! Join us July 1-11, 2018 for the Educator Academy in the Amazon for an experience that will feed your soul, expand your professional toolkit for inquiry based science, anchor your global perspective, and change your definition of professional development.  Featuring interdisciplinary programming for elementary and middle school educators and in-depth conservation field research for high school AP/IB and university educators.   PD Hours, Grad Credit, and Scholarships Available!



BREAKING NEWS!  Venier Software and Technology has just announced they will provide a $1000 scholarship for a HS AP educator to join the 2018 Educator Academy in the Amazon!  Details coming soon!



Peruvian Amazon Workshop for Students

Our student workshop programs are designed to stimulate awareness, compassion, and connection, giving participants the rare chance to learn through their own curiosity and sense of wonder as they explore their role as active and informed global citizens.

Workshop travel logistics are hosted by EcoTeach




Think Locally; Explore Globally

by Christa Dillabaugh, Terri Hebert and Kelly Keena
Originally published in Green Teacher 110, Summer 2016

As the sun sinks below the treetops, the hum of an outboard motor becomes audible over the cacophony of jungle sounds that signal nightfall in the Amazon. Moments later, a small boat pulls into view and 28 educators from the United States clamber into the humid twilight at river’s edge. Gazing up at the rainforest, most are unaware they are about to be transformed...

The Amazon Binocular Project

Give your gently used binoculars a new lease on life in the Amazon
and help promote bird education in remote rainforest classrooms!

For the past three years, the Educator Academy in the Amazon has worked with local bird guides and Peruvian teachers to bring Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s BirdSleuth-International curriculum into remote schools along the Amazon River.


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