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Transformational Learning in the Amazon

Conservation Through Education

Meet the Maijuna

We are pleased to support the conservation efforts of the indigenous Maijuna who are guardians of nearly 1million acres of rainforest within the Maijuna-Kichwa Regional Conservation Area (MKRCA) in the Northern Peruvian Amazon.  Maijuna community members lead conservation and sustainability workshops during our field courses for students and professional development programs educators.  Their amazing conservation journey is a story of persistence, resilience, and hope! 

Maijuna Curriculum Collaborative

The Maijuna story is rooted in collaboration and is continuing to evolve.   Our goal is to use this same model to create a collaborative space for the development of curriculum resources.  Together with faculty from The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, we invite YOU, educators and students, to join us in developing these resources and bring the Maijuna story into classrooms around the world. Check out what we've launched so far and add your suggestions, comments, and ideas for new lessons!

Make A Difference

Join our partner, OnePlanet, and help support Maijuna sustainable development projects, including their stingless bee honey project.  Your donations will help protect rainforest biodiversity and provide a sustainable economic future for Maijuna families.