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Transformational Learning in the Amazon

Scholarships & Funding for the Educator Academy

Amazon Workshops/EcoTeach Scholarships for K-12 Educators

As part of our commitment to rainforest education and professional development, we are pleased to offer three $1250 scholarships to the Educator Academy in the Amazon. We are looking for applicants who demonstrate a strong commitment to bringing the Amazon experience back to their classrooms and communities in very tangible ways and sharing their experience with future academy participants.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR LAST MINUTE APPLICANTS! DUE TO TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES THE VENIER APPLICATION IS NO LONGER A "FILLABLE" FORM.  To ensure you have ample space to answer the                                              questions, you may opt to send your responses to us via a word document if you prefer.

                               DOWNLOAD 2019 AW/EcoTeach Scholarship Application

                               DOWNLOAD 2019 Rubric

Vernier Software & Technology Grant for HS/AP Science Educators

Vernier Software and Technology with support from Amazon Workshops is providing a $1500 grant for a HS/AP science teacher to join the Educator Academy in the Amazon.  We are looking for a HS/AP science educator applicant who demonstrates a strong commitment to bringing the Amazon experience and Vernier Software & Technology data collection back to their classroom and sharing their experience with future participants and the Vernier Software & Technology  network.

                                           DOWNLOAD 2019 Vernier Applied Technology Grant Application.

                                           DOWNLOAD 2019 Rubric


2019 Fund For Teachers Fellowships

Over the last 5 years, we have had OVER TWELVE Fund For Teachers® fellows join the Educator Academy in the Amazon!  Fund for Teachers (FFT)offers competitive fellowships for full funding of teacher professional development opportunities like the Educator Academy.  Read about two of our 2017 FFT fellows! 

The FFT 2019 application is due January 31, 2019.  Please visit the Fund for Teachers® website for more information:

Additional Funding Suggestions

Why wait for the outcome of the scholarship drawing?  While many educators who attend our professional development programs fund their own travel, a number have received funding through district and state level professional development funds.   Others have had success with corporate funding and even national education foundations.  Below are some suggestions for where to look and how to proceed with locating funding.

Be Creative

Consider a grassroots, creative fundraising campaign and use your social networks to jumpstart your fundraising.

  • Ask for friends or family to donate frequent flyer miles to cover the cost of your airfare
  • Crowdsource your fundraising efforts.  Consider creating an Indiegogo or Donors Choose project that connects the Amazon to your classroom.  Include your travel expenses in your project budget.
  • Be creative and persistent! Think outside the box and use the Amazon as a launch for bigger, better initiatives in your school and community.
  • Don’t forget to reach out to business and organizations in your community.  Offer to do presentations at rotary, optimist, and garden clubs in exchange for funding.   Look for potential partners  that could help fund a joint project in your school or district and partially fund your Amazon experience as launching or focal point.
  • Seek funding from more than one source. Include updated information in your proposal as you are awarded monies from each source.
  • Inquire with family members or benefactors who may help support you or help you network and find untapped sources of funding.

Make Connections

Read the Academy Syllabus as a source of inspiration for your funding. Note that the rationale, goals and objectives are written to be consistent with K-12 goals for professional development and readily fundable. Use this document to inform your grant writing!

  • Identify how your experience in the Amazon will benefit your students, your colleagues, your curriculum, and your community when you return. How many people will you reach? How will you measure your results? How big will your impact be?
  • Use the Amazon experience as a lens. Consider comparisons of local environmental issues with global issues, such as climate change, global health, sustainable development, energy, population, water, quality of life and community.

Do Your Homework

Research local funding sources. District and state funding projects are often more easily accessible than national funding projects.

  •  Consult with your principal or head of school and district  curriculum supervisors.  What  professional development initiatives are underway or being planned in your district that could  dove-tail with this Amazon program?  What kind of a school  program or global relationship could you develop as a result of your Amazon experience?
  • Get to know local funders. What are their fund's objectives? To whom have they made their grants? Consider their goals when drafting your proposal. Consult with a person whose job is to know about local funding sources, e.g. a  development officer, local fundraiser or PTA advocate.
  • Would creating an interdisciplinary team or collaborating with teachers from other public or private schools improve your chances for a locally funded grant?
  • People  award money to people. Let your motivation,  values, and commitments be known to your potential funders. Consult with them on your project ideas.

Think Big

Expand your reach to the state and national level.     These sources can be more challenging to access and their timelines are usually longer, but the payoff is worth a shot!

  • NEW!! The Rural Trust's Global Teacher Fellowship (  program awards up to $5,000 for individual teachers and $10,000 for a team of two or more teachers to support teachers’ participation in self-designed summer learning experiences and a two-day place-based learning institute in the fall following their summer experience.
  • NEW!! Generation Study Abroad ( is awarding 50, $1000 grants for teacher travel.
  • The Public Education Network ( has a listing of state and local funding sources for public educators. Visit their website and click on "membership, then "find an LEF” local education fund to see what they have listed for your state.
  • The Fund for Teachers offers fellowships for educators to explore their world.  These are competitive fellowships but definitely worth the effort and the recognition that comes with it.  They award up to $5000 for individuals and up to $10,000 for teams. Visit for more information.
  • The NEA foundation also awards grants to teachers in the amount of $2,000 for individuals and $5,000 for groups  engaged in collegial study.  Click HERE for more information on their  Learning and Leadership Grants.  You can also view examples of past awards HERE.

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